After the London Bridge attack, executed by someone found guilty of a terrorism-related crime but later released and resulted in him taking away two innocent lives in a less than five munites fatal stabbing rampage before he was shot dead by the police. The question on the lips of so many is why was the late Usman Khan released in the first place?

One of the answers to this might lie in the fact that Usman Khan had a plan right from prison to pose as a changed and reform individual thereby to fool the justice system into releasing him early into the public for rehabilitation.

Find below a letter written by Usman Khan from his cell in Belmarsh prison in southeast London asking to take part in a de-radicalisation course. which could have been a factor for his early release;

“As you are fully aware of my offence, which is a terrorism offence. It relates more to what I intended and the mindset at that time, also the views I carried. Which I realise now after spending some time to think we’re not according to Islam and its teachings.

I would be grateful if you could arrange some kind of course, that I can do where I can properly learn Islam and its teachings, and I can prove I don’t carry the extreme views which I might have carried before. I have been informed there are courses like this, like the Deradicalisation course which is approved by the Home Office. I would like to do such a course, so I can prove to the authorities, my family and society in general that I don’t carry the views I had before my arrest and also I can prove that at the time I was immature, and now I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain.

So if you could arrange something for me and send me the details, this would be truly appreciated.”

Now the most next important question is, how safe is the general public if people convicted of terrorism-related offences are released back into the system? What is your take on this please leave a comment below?

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