it’s christmas and new year festive period a time of good cheer, a time stores are flooded with people looking for bargains, rushing around for the best discounts on the snazziest stuff,  Ironically the same way people are shopping for the best deals like wise is the police shopping around using intelligence to target motorists suspected to be breaking one law or the other.


Police on duty

During last year’s Christmas and new year festive period  police stopped more than 100,000 vehicles in the UK. I happened to be stopped by the police recently on my way to a gig and like every other black man who has received enough training on how to interrogate the police before they even start their own interrogation. I asked: ” what is my offence sir”? The police took me to the rear of my car and pointed that my break lights are not working before I could say anything else the policeman brought out a breathalyser to my surprise and this got me thinking what is the link between defected break lights and drink driving?  but trust British police, they will take their time to educate you like you are in a classroom no matter how long it takes you to understand. Thanks to my gracious God I haven’t been drinking. The result came out negative,  I was issued an ordinary ticket to get the lights sorted within 14 days. The information I gathered within my 15 minute encounter with the two non-smiling but very understanding police officers is what i want to share with you.

Police stoping a motorist.

When police makes an arrest for any offence it looks good on the officer’s record maybe you will understand why police wouldn’t mind arresting everybody but here in the  UK police wouldn’t just stop any car without a valid reason. Thats why the police are always on the look out observing motorists. For example If the police have observed you driving in a careless or dangerous fashion whether you have had a collision or not, you will be stopped even arrested, charged and prosecuted for other offences not related to the primary reason you were stopped like driving under the influence of alcohol or being in possession of class A drugs, no valid driving licence, no insurance, immigration offences, handling stolen goods like credit cards  the list is endless. Below are five common reason why the police could stop you without you committing any traffic offence.
1.  The police usually hover through your tyres if they happened to park beside your vehicle and if your tyres look worn out they can stop you for a proper check one defect tyre could land you 3 points on your licence so always check your tyres before you make any journey.

An illegal and badly worn tire

2. lights are common issues police look out to stop and search motorists like in my case. So always makes sure  all your lights are working including  headlights, fog lights, indicators, rear lights and break lights.

Car break light gone

3. Erratic or dangerous driving is another obvious and valid reason why police can stop a motorist. Yes people can make a mistake but it all depends on the nature of the mistake as some mistakes could land you in jail. The police have a duty to check why your driving is abnormal and this could lead to licence check, alcohol test and even car and body search.

Bad driving

4. Not observing the speed limit like driving too fast or slow. I have been pulled  over once by the police for driving too slow on a fast lane, the police generally believes that driving too slow sometimes could be that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol and obviously driving too fast by not maintaining a specified speed limit is breaking the law so please stick to speed limits.

Speed limit road sign on a UK road

5. finally “Mirror panicking”. This is when a driver looses self confidence at the sight of  the police either driving beside you or behind.  The police can see your eyes through the mirror and they are watching your behaviour, if they notice that you are not composed they will stop you to find out why and in most cases they think you have something to hide by so doing they will do a general scrutiny on you  and the car.

Police car in a car mirror

Always remember that the police have a duty to protect you and other road users, please drink responsibly this festive period if you attend a function and you drink don’t drive at all some will claim to take a nap or take loads of water before driving but remember Sleep has nothing to do with reducing the alcohol level in your blood. Preventing arrest, death or injury is as simple as pre-booking a taxi back from a party or having an alcohol free designated driver if you are travelling in a group. The consequence could be a ban from driving for up to 2 years, unlimited fine or up to 14 years imprisonment. Please stay safe and I wish you a happy new year ahead.

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