Contrary to general believes back in the days, most people from Africa can relate to this when it comes to the issue of childlessness between couples the blame is always shifted on the female but  medical facts has revealed that men can also be the problem. According to latest medical research Ibuprofen Pain killer overuse could lead to men’s testicle to shrink which can lead to reduce in testosterone levels potentially leading to fertility issues.

Ibuprofen is the most prescribed drug for pains.

Dr David Kristensen of Copenhagen University Denmark gave an insight into the result of the research involving voluntary participants  split into two groups. one group received 600mg or ibuprofen twice a day two weeks before and 30 days after an exercise session while the other acted as a control group. For the Ibuprofen group, blood tests showed an 18% decrease in testosterone after 14 days, rising to a 23% decrease after 44 days. Medically Low levels of testosterone make it difficult for a man to impregnate a woman before it use to be a medical problem that is common among elderly people or smokers but now it’s been medically confirmed  that the overuse of Ibuprofen also affect younger males.

Ibuprofen over use can lead to fertility issues in men

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