Thousands of people with legal right to stay in the UK could have their bank accounts frozen as a result of new policy coming into force next week  requiring banks and building societies to check 70 million current accounts each quarter as part of the Government’s latest crackdown on illegal immigrants, however the new policy could result in thousands of legitimate citizens being wrongly identified as illegal immigrants and their bank accounts  wrongly frozen because of the danger of these checks being incorrectly carried out.

A recent examination of current immigration measures by the chief inspector of borders, found that one in 10 people who were refused a new account for immigration reasons were denied in error because of mistake in the Home Office records. As of now 10 percent of the banks’ current negative assessments are wrong which could potentially lead to thousands of people having their accounts incorrectly closed.

People whose visas have run out, failed asylum seekers and foreign national offenders facing deportation will  have their accounts closed down or frozen under the new legislation as immigration Officials claimed the measure will create a “powerful incentive” for people to agree to leave voluntarily so they can secure their money once they have left the country.

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