If you belong to a Whatsapp group, as you may already know that in a bid to stop child pornography anyone caught in the Possession of child pornography content, viewing and storing of such material on devices can be liable to prosecution by the police, ironically One of Scotland Yard’s most senior black female officers has been charged for the same offence.

Superintendent Robyn Williams leading a Parade in London.

Superintendent Robyn Williams, 54, a highly respected senior police officer in the UK is being investigated by her own colleagues after being accused of having ‘a moving image file of Category A severity’. (the most serious level of child abuse images). she has also been charged with one count of ‘corrupt/improper exercise of police powers and privileges by a constable in failing to report the distribution of that image’.

Supt Williams was charged after a member of the public reported to police on the 4th of February last year that they had been sent an indecent video of a child as part of a group message sent on social media and during police investigation it was discovered that Supt Williams also received the video but did not act on it considering the fact that she is a police officer. Two other people who are not police officers have also been charged in connection with the case.

According to law it is your responsibility to make sure you report and delete any video or material relating to child pornography even if you received it by accident from a friend or a member of a group. Please share this articles to groups to create more awareness.

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