Wonders shall never end, a woman who had been in a vegetable state for more than 10 years after almost drowning gave birth to a baby boy on December 29 despite her inability to talk or move any part of her body.

According to the police the baby almost died during birth because the mother was not able to give normal support a mother would give to help push the baby out.

The incident took place in an Healthcare facility in Arizona in the United state of America. The hospital claimed they only find out about the woman’s pregnancy when the baby was born.

A sexual assult case is now opened and the health centre had already been served a search warrant by the police to obtain a DNA sample from all the mail staff working in the care home.

A Statement was released by the family lawyer of the victims saying that the are deeply upset and disappointed but are more than happy to welcome the baby into their loving home as an addition to the family.

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