Monthly period is a like an expected yet unwanted visitor ladies have to accommodate through out it’s visit in their body but in reality women are not the only one affected, one way or the other men also feel the heat during this periodic period for example: it’s a period of no show for men as sex is mostly out of the equation or having to put up with that period when your wife or your partner have this monthly mood swing and become cranky and if you are a father it is important to understand the process of your young daughter becoming an adult.

The following are important questions every men should be able to answer when it comes to a woman’s period:

Q1 what is the average blood a woman looses during her monthly period?

A: an average of 30-40 ml of blood is loosed during period that’s about the standard size of one shot of vodka in a bar.

Q2 why do women bleed?

A: Naturally every month a woman is suppose to release an egg an average of every 30 days and the body prepares a nest for its possible fertilisation, if the egg doesn’t fertilise meaning the woman is not pregnant which is sometimes good news for men that are not ready to be father’s (the egg dies and will be passed out of the body in form of blood). Now you know what happens when a Naija girl tells you “I’m looking for my period”.

Q: How often do women change sanitary pads

A :Tampons and sanitary pads should be changed every 4-6 hours. If you are on a date and the girl probably visits the toilet more often or stays long to come out at least you have a clue why.


In conclusion if you are going to taste the sweetness of a sugarcane be prepared to share the pain in the cane as well but the good news is that it’s only for a short “PERIOD”.

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