Comfort confessing her undying love to Solek

Women are well-known to have the power and the will to get whatever they want whenever they want it most especially from their husband and if they don’t get it we all know what will happen as Davido will say “See Gobe” . This is the story of how one of the strongest man in the entertainment industry in the UK was subjected to operation “give me or never” by his wife. I will be coming back to the details shortly.

If you are living in the UK and you are an outgoing person even if you are the type that seldom attends  social gathering, one name you can not miss out is Mr Solek, real name Adesoji Adebayo, you can either hate him or love him when it comes to his unique style of delivering Nigerian traditional music, believe it or not  he knows how to combine JUJU, GOSPEL, FUJI, HIP HOP, R N B AND AFROBEAT into his performance a reputation that has earned him as one of the best and most talented Nigerian musician London ever produced.

Saturday the 7th of April was a day London will never forget in the history of entertainment as Solek celebrates his beautiful wife…..

Comfort Adebayo 40th birthday party. Venue was the prestigious Regent conference and banqueting suite at Regent park North London,with many top London socialites in attendance I mean the cream de la cream of the social scene. Security was water tight as the policy of the night was no invitation no entry. Even the DJ of the night was held for minutes by the security before he finally gained entrance. Blame Mr Solek.

Mc of the day Dazzling Daizzy Tel: 07908618386

Dj mind d gap in action

Ben Audu entertaining the guests. Tel: 07492079927

DJ MIND D GAP Tel: 07940740987

Beautiful venue decorations by Twinkle event decor. Tel 07701096521

As usual, trust it was the best hands that were available to provide quality services on the day talking about the likes of TWINKLE DECOR who turned the place around with her magical touch decorations, we had the entertainment veteran herself DAZZLING DAIZZY who mesmerised the audience with her hosting skills, the energy was next to none, the media coverage was taken care by the ever capable TEMI DAYO PHOTOS AND AY PHOTOS who provided the pictures used in this article and of course before I forget the ever on point dance floor cracker DJ MIND D GAP who wowed the audience with his ever on point DJ skills, I wish I’ll meet DJ MIND D GAP one day please tell him when you see him………..


Now the most interesting bit, guess who Comfort demanded to play for her 40th celebration party by all means it was the most expensive demand of the day. Mr SOLEK was the musician of the day on comfort request. According to her Solek had played for almost every body and major functions in the UK and around the world over the years but on her 40th birthday it’s either Solek or no one. Anyway her dream came through as Solek sang his heart for his wife. It was a fantastic night. I GO LOVE O!





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